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Upper Chateaugay Lake

August 2018

10 responses to “Upper Chateaugay Lake”

  1. I did read of Moffit island and this is when i heard the lake first. It’s a good photo to show the enormously beautiful surrounding of the lake.

  2. What a brilliant photoshoot. The display tells me that WATER IS LIFE. Thanks for this post.

  3. Such a very peaceful scenery. I would very much enjoy my time alone here just listening in this quiet solitude.

  4. A peaceful view under a blue sky. Wow I rarely see that these days. I assume this is on a province? In a city this will surely look different.

  5. Beautiful reflection very worth capturing. This pic’s got a very peaceful renascence to it.

  6. Nature always giving us artistic view, this is so peaceful and calm and I wish human lives can be this peaceful.

  7. This is a view I will love to view very early in the morning it would be very beautiful. lovely and great shot you have here

  8. I would love to go there. The lake is so elegant. I must go there someday. Thank you very much for sharing this.

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