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Upper Hudson River Railroad 5019

Upper Hudson River Railroad 5019

August 2009

30 responses to “Upper Hudson River Railroad 5019”

  1. With the gloomy sky this will be a very cold ride. I like it though it makes me sleep. For the train well it is old school but it looks sturdy and still has a lot of miles ahead of it.

  2. The rain is coming so prepare your thick outfit that suits the weather. The train needs some little paint touches. Great shoot

  3. This is a big train. Haven’t rode one like this before. Really love the effects and gloomy weather. Nice day!

  4. What a brilliant and cool photograph. You made the capture from a good and perfect angle. I love the color combination of the train.

  5. The sky and the train takes the same colour, this is beautiful. I was just checking the picture out over and over again

  6. I have never actually been on a train. Would love to get a ride on that particular one. Looks fun.

  7. Wow, it looks like this train have worked a lot along its life, I’m glad it still works but maybe it should receive have some maintenance.

  8. What a splendid and cool photo. You made the catch from a decent and impeccable edge. I love the shading mix of the train.

  9. Awesome railroad vehicle definitely worth shooting. Beautiful view of the sky as well.

  10. This is one classic photo and it look really good. I like the shot even from a distance, you have your best shot.

  11. This railway must have history, the beautiful thing is that they still preserve it, to give meaning to the history, and that anyone has full knowledge of this relic.

  12. A good capture of this locomotive. Good use of HDR effect as well. Oldie but goody photo.

  13. Is this an alternative take? I saw the same train a few days ago. It is all good though. For one it gives me a different look. I love that gray and blue combination.

  14. This is a strange looking train. I can’t tell whether it’s a cargo or a passenger train.

  15. I like the level of detail captured in this photo. That must be a very good camera you have.

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