Vermont Grange

April 2019


15 thoughts on “Vermont Grange

  1. The building should be pulled down…passing time and weather has taken their toll on it

  2. This would make a great scene to shoot a horror movie. I like the sense of mystery the house brings.

  3. The house looks like creepy. I think because it’s old, but if it is to be renewed, this will be a beautiful big house for sure.

  4. An abandoned big house. I like the color of the background you added. It has helped makes the photo unique.

  5. It is a standard design of a house. The ones found in drawings and sketches. With that said, it is sad that this home is abandoned now. Good photo none the less.

  6. Its amazing how you took this photo. The house, the trees and background clouds blend so perfectly.

  7. I was staring at the house for a couple of seconds and it chills my bones. Truly, this pic is somehow scary.

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