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Very Creepy Abandoned House

Very Creepy Abandoned House

November 2013

32 responses to “Very Creepy Abandoned House”

  1. It depends on where you are looking, Far away this looks like something that is so much like a painting. Up close though and the atmosphere changes. This is still daytime, Imagine being alone here at night???

  2. It is creepy indeed. It’s as if something is lurking in the darkness inside the house.

  3. This is a painting which looks really pretty to the eyes..the house looks creepy and haunted but I love the environment.. The ambience is great..

  4. Looks like the house has been abandoned for years. It would require a lot of renovations for anyone to live there again.

  5. Though old and creepy, the house can back to life with some furnishings. It’s still in good shape.

  6. I am already hearing the ominous creepy piano strains just looking at this picture. It really looks like a house that no one should ever enter even in the daytime.

  7. Wow, ot looks like a painting or is it the effect used that make it look like that. Any which way, it really creepy and careful taken.

  8. Ahhh, this is weird and seriously one cant be strong hearted with scenes like this. It looks like a graphics. Lovely share guy, you are always ditching out the best

  9. I wouldn’t surprised if the house is full of all manner of wild animals. It is right in the middle of the woods.

  10. With a little renovation the house can be as good as new. It would still look creepy though.

  11. This abandoned house is creepy and yet it still gives off a regal sensation. Thanks for the awesome photography.

  12. I would be very happy living in that house, well, first I would make some arrangements, and then I would move, you will see a beautiful landscape around you.

  13. Really creepy looking like a ghost haunted home. I hope nobody is in there for whatever reasons.

  14. For me, it only looks creepy because it’s an abandoned house. Maybe its just you and your great skills, that’s why.

  15. Why is the color effect brownish, is it to reflect the creepiness of the place. the house really look creepy though.

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