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Very Creepy Clown Collection

Very Creepy Clown Collection

May 2019


14 responses to “Very Creepy Clown Collection”

  1. Well, they don´t look creepy to me, actually they remind me of a lamp of clown that I had when I was a little girl.

  2. I never quite understood why a lot of people find clowns creepy. I think they’re funny.

  3. I have this at home not clowns but angels but even I find this creepy on particular at night. It is just a matter of perspective I guess.

  4. I just realized that I was afraid of clowns when I was already in the university. It happened because our neighbor had a birthday party with clowns and it really creeped me out. I am also afraid of dolls or human like figurines.

  5. I don’t really mind clowns that much. However, seeing them in a collection like this gives off an unsettling vibe that I don’t like.

  6. These are funny in a very weird way. Yes they are worth calling creepy clowns. They are not really pleasant to the eyes.

  7. Clowns are just hilarious.. They act like their are no problems in the world..they have no worries…great picture

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