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Vintage Circuitry

January 2018

13 responses to “Vintage Circuitry”

  1. I think this circuit has blown its fuse. I would be careful of any loose wire, so I wouldn’t get electrocuted.

  2. Old fuse looks very confusing. How the wired twisted in between, looks like, when you touch anything, you’ll get electricuted.

  3. This looks like the ancient circuit board I use to work on from school. Basic electronics yeah it is a part of the school activity.

  4. I love vintage photos there kind of bring about memories. I like this photo too it looks just okay.

  5. For some strange reason, the way those wires are connected reminds me of the shape of a snail. An electric snail, for lack of a better term.

    And wiring such as this is almost uncommon now, given the advent of printed circuit boards and small electrical component designs nowadays.

  6. Only an electrician or a person who have dealt with electric gadgets can understand what this is. Its hard to figure out exactly what it is.

  7. This very much looks like a fire hazard to me. I mean, there are intertwining wires and what if it overheats?

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