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Vintage Containers


June 2016vintage-containers-alternate-take

17 responses to “Vintage Containers”

  1. Can still remember these containers. These were used to store crude oil in my locality there. This is quite a memory.

  2. I do not see these brands anymore these days.Aside from shows like the Pickers on TV. Vintage stuff sells for those guys.

  3. These are containers that were being used back in the days. Such photos takes your mind far in the past.

  4. It’s great that you have highlighted these containers. I wonder whether they still exist, I don’t see them in the market anymore.

  5. It really been long I set my eyes containers like this. These are really vintage containers. I wish there can be remolded

  6. Interesting how all the containers almost have the same color. Though old have maintained their shape and color also.

  7. These kind of containers were more durable than the modern ones. These days it’s a matter of doing business.

  8. These kind of remind me of the old shed where my grandfather kept his tools. He had shelves of old containers like that too. I feel such a cozy feeling somewhat from this shot, they do remind me of my grandfather so much.

  9. These vintage containers look so strong. They don’t make such quality containers nowadays anymore.

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