• Oseghale Justin

    Old laundry equipments, I hope they are able to profer quality services with such equipment

  • Lora D.

    This is really interesting. I have never seen such vintage washing machine before. The firs washing machine I have seen was 20 years ago and it didn’t look any different from washing machines of today. Maybe a bit more “box type” than today’s smooth design.

  • esgyll

    Looks like it had a very good long run doing its laundry duties. I miss having old brands like these, pretty much it can still be fixed and it could still do more. New brands nowadays break down so easily.

  • Brandy

    Doesn’t look any attractive at all. Though in its hay-days, it must have been used to clean and make laundry look great.

  • Danielle M

    I didnt get to know this type of washing machine, it looks small compared to the ones of these days.

  • Janet James

    The old laundry machine has done its part of the work. Not so bad, maybe with some repairs it can serve some more years.

  • jolly555

    This is really classic I didn’t get to see this at all. Good that you were able to capture it for my viewing pleasure.

  • Daphne

    Looks like someone won’t be having clean clothes anytime soon. I’m very sure nothing here is functional.

  • meldred24

    This is the first time I saw an actual old washing machine. I think it ‘s no longer functional though.

  • Brainedet

    This is an old laundry equipment must have used ages ago because I don’t think I have seen this particular one before.

  • Janine Bocateja

    An old washing or laundry machine. It’s my first time to see it in photo. What I first notice was the wall paper or curtain used, snake skin.

  • Janine Bocateja

    The first thing I noticed was the snake skin wall paper or curtain. I’m terrified of snakes lol. This is my first time to see an old laundry machine.

  • Maury Cheskes

    This is so retro! I wonder if it is still functional. With a few tweaks, I’m sure it could be up to speed.

  • Grace K

    Still so white. Just need some thorough cleaning and will be as white as new. The wall though is in a mess.

  • roberachi

    Great memory picture because i don’t think i would have seen such an equipment again. It looks like its among the original laundry machine ever created.

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