Waiting On The Outside

February 2020

18 thoughts on “Waiting On The Outside

  1. Wow, this store is in the middle of nowhere. Lively concept, long distance perfect photographic work. Very breathtaking

  2. This looks like a nice and cozy place to stop at on a long road trip. I bet you’d find a bunch of interesting people there. Thanks for sharing.

  3. I like the fact that the roadside diner came in bright green and orange colors. They’re a great contrast to the bland, brown foliage in the background. As always, the vignetting gives the image a more classic take.

  4. I would not mind waiting outside but to be honest I would rather go in and eat. I mean it is diner so may as well try the food to make the trip and the wait worth my while. Seems like a good place too.

  5. During a long trip, I would definitely stop at this spot and lit a cigarette here. I would definitely take a picutr of myself and seflie here. Nice shot!

  6. This place will feel like a paradise for travelers. It would be a great relief when traveling far to find a place like this.

  7. This place is a bit lonely, but the person who is sitting there is looking around, it is probably an employee or possibly a customer.

  8. In this place it seems that winter is almost over, the person who is there resting, it may be that he is waiting for the restaurant to open for breakfast, or is simply watching that lonely place.

  9. This will be a good waiting place for anyone on a journey. it looks cool to spend some time out, if one really needs a waiting place.

  10. What would i be doing waiting on the outside? I don’t think I would stop in a place like this and not go in to get served. Though the scene outside is great but I think i would rather be inside getting my tank full.

  11. This is a nice place one could drop by for a cup of espresso… Its a beautiful place in the middle of nowhere…good for travellers who want to unwind

  12. This is a cool plays to chill after a long journey. Though it might be empty if travellers decided not to go on trips. Lovely serene picture

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