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Walls Are Crumbling

Walls Are Crumbling


14 responses to “Walls Are Crumbling”

  1. This caption really suits the photo,the walls are actually caving in. It might really turn to ruins in no time.

  2. Walls are crumbling in this old house indeed. I like the lighting of the photo, such a great one.

  3. Good thing it did not fell over you!!! This house looks like it has seen better days. Well it can either be restored or just destroyed for safety purposes.

  4. The color tone of the picture enhances the old feel of the walls and ceiling. I think you really like featuring old stuff.

  5. House stands in total disrepair.. Walls stripped to bare studs..its better to bulldoze the house.. Great shot

  6. Looks like a jigsaw puzzle left out under the mercy of time, the wind and the rain. Beautiful composition, as always.

  7. Good of you to take the risk of finding unique things to capture for our delight. This is an awesome photo. I just like this.

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