Watching Trains At Howe Center, Rutland, Vermont

This afternoon, my wife, Amelia suggested that I go take pictures of trains. Today, I decided to embrace that idea of watching trains at The Howe Center in Rutland, Vermont, and captured GMTX 2687.

Living in Vermont, I’ve always been fascinated by the rustic charm and historical significance that intertwines with modern life here. There’s a certain allure to the old-world meeting the new. What better place to capture pictures of trains than at the Howe Center in Rutland, Vermont? I’ve talked about this place for ages, captivated by stories and the rich history it holds, yet, for some reason, I never visited.

So, I grabbed my camera, a Leica Q3—my trusted companion on many photographic journeys, and set off. The drive to the Howe Center was short, but the anticipation made it seem longer. I could already envision the trains chugging along the tracks, their steel wheels grinding against the rails, a rhythmic melody that has always fascinated me.

It wasn’t long before I saw a train as it came roaring by, powerful and commanding, yet there was a certain grace to it. The sound of the engine, the whistle, and the clattering of the carriages were like music to my ears. I found myself completely immersed, clicking away as the train passed, capturing its essence in my lens.

I decided to follow this train on its journey, and managed to capture it as it cleared a crossing along a nearby street.

December 14, 2023


    • Thomas Slatin

      I absolutely resonate with your enthusiasm for rail travel! It’s always a joy to connect with fellow rail fans who appreciate the charm and efficiency of train journeys.

      I think that Amtrak, while fantastic in many aspects, does have some limitations when it comes to its network of destinations, and connecting stations. It’s true that their coverage isn’t as extensive as I prefer, especially when planning longer trips. Nonetheless, when it comes to specific routes like the one to New York City, Amtrak truly shines, and has become my preferred way of traveling to NYC.

      Thanks for your comment, Suzanne! 😀

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