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We Skipped The Light Fandango

We Skipped The Light Fandango

November 2019

10 responses to “We Skipped The Light Fandango”

  1. This looks like a much more well-kept facility compared to your other photos. Great colour contrasts and camera angling. Excellent shot.

  2. I need to brush up on my Spanish on this one. I am aware of the dance discipline but as to a place? I am confused he he. Anyway, the place looks like the back of a church and clean too. I like it.

  3. The architecture to this house has really done a great job. You made the shooting a professional touch one.

  4. The color of the building has still remained vivid, despite the passage of the seasons. It still looks like it has some life left to it yet, enough for a light fandango inside its halls.

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