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Whale Mural

October 2020

15 responses to “Whale Mural”

  1. Very Lifelike Mural I would say. It seems like the whale is playing if you will imagine that sphere as a ball. This takes hard work and the creator deserves it. Very good job!!!

  2. Another good looking mural that of a whale presented by you. Your photography work is topnotch. Keep giving the very best

  3. Beautiful mural, I love all related to the sea world and their creatures. You always take the best pictures Tom.

  4. These drawings we see each day have great imprecation on our mind. They at times show how beautiful nature is.

  5. Amazing illustration. The depth of the water is outstanding. I’m sure the artist was very pleased with the finished product.

  6. This mural here is good, You re satisfying our eyes with good enough photos. This finished product is good.

  7. Whale is one of the most amazing underwater creature. What a sight ti be hold when you’ve seen one in actual situation though. A beautiful diversion to every passer by.

  8. People who care for and love animals like to see these representative murals, which symbolize love for all the animals we have on earth.

  9. Looks like the owner of that particular parking spot must be quite well-known around the area. You might say he or she has a WHALE of a reputation at stake. *grins*

    On a side note, this mural goes quite well with the vegetation at the bottom of the wall itself. With a bit of appropriate lighting, you could really feel like you’re sharing the whale’s underwater world, by just being there.

  10. Wow, what a beautiful picture. I really like whales for their high level of IQ and ability to relate with other species.

  11. Whales are incredible creatures that is so powerful and strong….Such creatures must be protected at all cost.

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