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What 5 traits do people first notice when they meet you for the first time?

What 5 traits do people first notice when they meet you for the first time?

22 responses to “What 5 traits do people first notice when they meet you for the first time?”

  1. I would not say 5 but I guess that would be Sincerity and Honesty. In the physical though that would be my uniqueness I guess. Let us just say I was born with a special burden.

  2. They will first see a very reserved person and an introvert. I just love to be on my own but can be chatty if in the mood.

  3. Happy-go-lucky, resourceful, funny, loving and easy to get along with. I am not sure if that is real though.

  4. Shy, arrogant, proud, educated and beautiful. This are first five traits I notice. But the educated and beautiful Is what I love most.

  5. Probaly aspects about his/her personality, level of education, appeareance, the way he/she thinks about different topics, how friendly he /she is.

  6. Gentle, shy, easy going, handsome and accommodating fellow. This are the lovely traits I see. Thanks for this post Tom my man.

  7. Hmmm, I don’t know for sure about this. But certainly they know that I am an honest person and sometimes this has become my weakness because they often tell me not to be too honest in anything. 🙂

  8. Physical and mental strength, beauty, shyness and friendliness. This cant be hidden by anyone for more than minutes.

  9. I am a quiet person but seem friendly and nice to hang out with. But I only get along easily with other people after a long period of relationship and communication.

  10. I wouldn’t say this is the first thing they notice. But many people have complimented me on my honesty.

  11. With me it really depends. If I haven’t had my coffee the first thing they notice is my grumpiness lol

  12. Five traits is a lot. The three I can name off the top of my head is my voice, my clothing and my social nature.

  13. I have actually never thought about this so I wouldn’t immediately have an answer. I will be observing it more keenly from now on though.

  14. Friendly, fun and sociable are my top traits. I am not sure if people normally notice them though.

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