• Susy R

    Today it can still be said that it is too early for me to say what I have learned. But for yesterday and a few days ago, live life with gratitude, learn to be patient and stay away from negative news, especially on all social media.

  • David Tjoe

    I am living and enjoying today’s activities as a learning process. Meanwhile, yesterday, I learned that trying to be useful to others is not a difficult thing. Life is not a victory that you have to achieve alone, but a victory you can achieve together. 🙂

  • Wv2s

    Today I learned that I must never stop doing the projects that lead me to the desired objectives, yesterday I learned that I must not stop being me, being original is what matters, following prototypes is not the best because we are not machines but human beings.

  • Alex

    This is a very good question. Now that I think about it what did I learn? I guess that would be the fact that change can happen at an instant. You maybe at the top of the world now but later on you are not.

  • esgyll

    Okay, that is quite hard to answer. I guess I have learned today that some people can still be quite stubborn about the terrifying danger of COVID 19, downplaying its effects and what havoc it can do to innocent people (hi, old neighbor!). Yesterday, I learned that there are certain movies that are really made and meant to be hated, no matter how promising its plot can be.

  • Jnr pope

    For me I learn everyday because I’m on a self discovery spree. I want to know myself better so I learn everything I need to know each day

  • Oyeyipo Oladele

    Life is so interesting and full of joy because yesterday I learnt about today and today made my tomorrow clearer for me to move forward to.

  • Danielle M

    Well, every day brings small lessons. Yesterday the lesson was that I can be vulnerable and I need to take care of myself not only phisically but spiritually.

  • Brain

    I learned yesterday that life is beautiful and I just need to enjoy against all odds. For today I learn to live one day at a time

  • Alice

    I think that it is a nice question to ask yourself everyday. Sometimes, we forget how our day was and I think It is important that we learn new things everyday.

  • Maury Cheskes

    Today, I learned Kansas City Chiefs are facing New England Patriots for their next matchup!! Should be an epic game. Yesterday, I learned a bit about gen-nuclear and what Greenpeace’s stance is on it.

  • Anderson

    Interestingly, I can’t seem to recall anything new I learnt yesterday. That can’t be a good sign.

  • Marlapaige

    Yesterday I learned that my ex’s new girlfriend is a very sweet woman who I genuinely enjoy spending time with. I also learned that although he believes he moved on, he managed to find a woman who can finish my sentences and I can finish hers. He wanted us to get along more than anything (even though they are not really serious yet), but when he realized we did, and we REALLY did, he just kept quoting a TV show where he said he believes he’s in danger. He was happy we got along, but also, not quite so much. He’ll get over it.

    Today, I learned that it’s always an interesting experience when you do take the time to try something new because you have the time. Outside the comfort zone, you may find another world that you didn’t previously know about. And it’s worth it. Every time.

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