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What The Clock Is To Time


November 2015

20 responses to “What The Clock Is To Time”

  1. The clock is time itself. Come to think of it, if there isn’t clock to tell time in this world, we would still device a means of knowing the time. Nice picture

  2. Looks like my grandfather’s alarm clock. It will start shaking on the table while its rings. Lovely effect. Looks like a very old clock

  3. The clock to time help us know if you we should quicken or steps or process or not. I like the look of this clock.

  4. The clock tells us the time, and without the clock there would still be time but we won’t know it. Though it is an old clock, it would still work perfectly well as long as the engine is still good.

  5. This is an old model clock. I prefer it though to be honest. I Always believe that old tech are superior in terms of craftsmanship. That is definitely an edge worth considering.

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