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What were your best and worst subjects in school or college?

What were your best and worst subjects in school or college?

22 responses to “What were your best and worst subjects in school or college?”

  1. My worst subject was Biology in schools as it feels to me that I have to learn a lot there. And, what I liked was Physics in my school days and till now in college.

  2. I love math but numbers must have hated me. My favourite ones are my major subjects for Hotel and Management.

  3. Wow, Mathematics was my best subject; I use it to get back at my teacher because he doesn’t like me and maths doesn’t give him opportunity to remove my marks. Chemistry doesn’t like my face

  4. Any day any time I go for geography, I love it and right now I can draw many maps off hand. Mathematics is my no go area…..

  5. I really suck at Math but I didn’t failed it though. I had 2 tutors for that subject only cause I was in an advance curriculum in high school which I also 2 subject of Math on 1st year. Eventually I found a great teacher, who made me understand Math thoroughly. Now I undestand why Math is important in our dailoy life.

  6. I do not know about best but my worst is MATH. The only subject that gave me a non passing grade in school. What was yours???

  7. I never really got it bad with my subjects in high school but the most was English language. I just wanted to be fluent in it

  8. That’s a really cute question to ask. My best subject in college would be my programming classes while my worst subject would be physical education since I’m not really into that.

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