When I Want To Run Away I Drive Off In My Car

February 2020

20 thoughts on “When I Want To Run Away I Drive Off In My Car

  1. This is a nice picture.. The character if that place is awesome.. The blue sky add charm to the photograph

  2. The car and the house seems to be abandoned. I also love the feeling that comes zooming in my car, especially having my babe beside me. Lovely pix Thomas

  3. Looks like the car was forgotten under the shed. Lovely concept and the caption of the sky is really lovely. Thanks for this piece guy

  4. This picture I gonna be cool to use as wallpaper. Running away is for the purpose of staying safe. NicE and colorful post.

  5. I wonder if the white stuff is actually snow. That would be interesting as the sky is so clear and the sun is shining.

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