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Where The Days Have No Numbers

November 2020

25 responses to “Where The Days Have No Numbers”

  1. I’m just wondering the connection between the photo and the title. It must have a deeper meaning to be given a title like this

  2. I could pretty much lie in that bed all day doing nothing, read a book, or probably sleep. This is a perfect spot for doing all that and wondering where all the days have gone by.

  3. When the days has no number is when I stop working for people. Then it doesn’t really matter what day it is.

  4. I can easily remember when I was hooked on casinos. Second, Minutes and hours just passed by as if nothing has happened.

  5. Lost of days is really rear to me, but with this comfortable bed I am seeing in a remote area, I bet days count light not be that important. Lovely picture Tom

  6. Love the pic and love the caption. Time really does stop when you look outside and take in the world’s natural beauty. It can also feel like time is endless when you stay planted in your bedroom all day.

  7. Where the days have no number? Hmmm, that means it would never end. The room though, looks so arranged and comfortable.

  8. This room looks so sad. It seems to be giving off this deathbed/ asylum vibes and I do not like it sorry. Just looking at it tells me that I will not sleep here.

  9. A mysterious photo with those antics inside the room. The room looks dramatic with the interior design and the days really have never been numbers.

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