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Where The Water Meets The Land

May 2017

22 responses to “Where The Water Meets The Land”

  1. That is a beautiful pic clicked. The most awesome feeling comes when you are near the sea on the bank of it and enjoy the sea waves.

  2. There is a lot in of these in my mothers hometown. We usually climbed on the branches and dive from there. It has been great childhood memories.

  3. Seen one like this before, atimes climb and draws the branches into the river like swing. I even tried turning my phone upside down, locks like a new perfect picture again

  4. Memories of places like this flooded in my memory. Childhood memory that I want to keep. This photo bring backs memory of the past where in , we just stay and hang out in that kind of place. No gadget, no internet, and pollution just purely happiness.

  5. In my area this happens a lot. If you consider flooding that is. After all our country is a literal storm central of the world. An average of 19-20 storms a year.

  6. Beautiful scenario you pictured for your readers. I wouldn’t mind having this as my screen saver. It is awesome.

  7. That tree looks magical yet terrifying at the same time. It looks like it could be from a fantasy or horror movie. Amazing job you did with the photo.

  8. Beautiful picture Tom, there´s a place that looks similar to this picture and it´s in the city where I live.

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