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Whispers On The Pain

May 2018

13 responses to “Whispers On The Pain”

  1. Beautiful imagery and very appropriate title. You definitely have a gift for capturing nature and its best.

  2. It is a whisper of pain indeed. A heart-shaped flower that has a tears at the bottom of it. It is really whispering and feeling the pain.

  3. I never heard of this flower before. I do not know what comes out of it but, it look like its crying??? Symbolic I suppose.

  4. I like photos of nature with symbolic undertone which this photo protray. It helps make a photo so unique and outstanding.

  5. They look like little hearts and they are so cute! You captured this picture at its best! I love the imagery of the photo.

  6. This is like saying sweet pain experience. A kind of love that is good in a painful way. nice photo we have here.

  7. Lovely shot, evoking the whispers on the pain you have given as title for this photograph. Would be a bit great if it were captured after a light rain for raindrop “tears” but I’m fine with this too.

  8. I love the way this photo is like a p that is not so direct. You just have to give it your own meaning.

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