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Wilderness Calls

February 2017

21 responses to “Wilderness Calls”

    • Just simply beautiful. Though personally I thing the telephone boot isnt completely useless, it for emergency. I love snow

  1. I doubt this telephone has ever been used. The place seems to be completely devoid of humans.

  2. This phone can come in handy should you get lost in the woods. I just hope it’s still functional.

  3. In this age of mobile phones I doubt anyone would use this. However, you never know when it could be the only thing that could save your life.

  4. It seems this was taken during winter. I like the smiles of the sun because it gives a better vibe of nature.

  5. This is really a wilderness call indeed, a phone booth at the center of the woods?What a sight, probably if you are lost in the woods without a phone and you need to make a call, just make use of the phone booth in the woods.

  6. That’s an odd place for a phone booth to be standing. It looks so pristine too even though it’s out in the wilderness surrounded by snow. That being said, I think it’s a great photo and I love the glimmer of sunlight. Very picture worthy!

  7. I love there is a telephone booth in the woods. I just called to say I love you music playing hehe.

  8. I love the woods and the snow, amazing view. Though it’s kind of weird that a phone booth is located there.

  9. Wow, that’s a very unusual place to find a telephone booth, Well in the other hand If i get loose it’d be really nice to find one of this lol. I love the picture by the way.

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