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Windswept Abandonment


September 2015

24 responses to “Windswept Abandonment”

  1. Something tells me this used to be a house foll of life once but now that people are no longer in it. Sadly its beauty is now lost. It is not too late though. From the looks of it a few fixes and some paint can save it. Of course people will have live in it again.

  2. Such a beautiful mansion. I really hope the heirs of such place can try to restore the beauty of the house. Many people will flock the place knowing that the place has a historical value.

  3. The shadow colors make look the picture a bit creepy, though I´m sure it was an incredible place in the past.

  4. This will certainly hold memories. What a magnificent place to be. Just a little touch and the story would change

  5. The color makes this shackle looking place more attractive. I like the color combination here. If things are put in place then this should be a good place.

  6. I would love to fix that house. It looks wonderful in my eyes. Thank you for taking this photo! Really happy that you’re exploring again.

  7. The house on the mountain looks like a castle, the only thing missing is a few touches to give the place more presence.

  8. It’s possible that this might have been the aftermath of a tornado. It was definitely no small wind.

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