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Winter Fog Over Indian Lake

24 responses to “Winter Fog Over Indian Lake”

  1. I love the photo quality of this post. Your journey to achieving the best photographer of the year has started here man Tom. Keep it up.

  2. That is a beautiful photo captured. As I am from India, these photos really make me feel very close to the nature and its beauty. Probably, it’s the picture of Dal Lake that is frozen completely now.

  3. The fog over the lake makes it very beautiful. The dreamy atmosphere gives it a pleasant look. This is a cool photo

  4. It looks very ominous to me as if something unknown is in it? I must be watching many movies ha ha? What is lurking i it? I wonder.

  5. This photo has a perfect balance of white spaces and framing. It’s blending makes it a scene that has a story to tell.

  6. What a very beautiful scenery there is. It’s very relaxing and it clears your mind when you look at it.

  7. This is really fantastic, I just imagine what length you went to before this quality can be achieved. This is just too perfect

  8. Oh wow, that’s an amazing picture, the lake kinda looks like a mirror, and the black and white effect , makes it very dramatic.

  9. I get a great chilling sensation from this photo. I love the clearness of the water and the hard focus on the fog. Thanks for sharing!

  10. What a peaceful view of the lake. The calmness of the lake water alongside the winter fog. A perfect match for camping and bonfire by the lake. Thanks for sharing this!

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