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Winter Just Wasn’t My Season

Winter Just Wasn't My Season
March 2019


19 responses to “Winter Just Wasn’t My Season”

  1. I just love shot maybe the background makes it too beautiful or just the black and white color. All the same its a nice shot.

  2. That tree definitely looks like it paid the price of winter. Great shot and very fitting caption.

  3. A bald tree surrounded by snow. I can imagine it in my mind how cold this place is.

  4. Great photograph..I love winter..its my best season…I don’t know why you hate it though?but hey,we are designed and wired differently.. We can like the same thing

  5. Snow makes a living thing looks like dead. Hope to see the beauty of this tree when the sun shines around. Place looks so cold and lonely too.

  6. The title really shows as this photo is just lifeless and gloomy. However, perhaps that is the idea right ti show that this season has a downside.

  7. I don’t like winter as well. It looks and feels gloomy when it is winter. The picture truly what a winter looks and feels like.

  8. It wasn’t the season for this tree. Given the fact that the trees in the background look okay, this one was affected more.

  9. The state of the tree tells it all. But it was strong enough to withstand the season though quite broken.

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