Write More And Other Self-Improvement Plans

I’m on the verge or another year and as of yet I haven’t yet decided upon any new years resolutions as in previous years all my resolutions were historically mundane and common.  It’s no great mystery why marketing companies focus their advertising for self-improvement products to the month of December to profit on the archaic new years resolutions, such as weight loss, matchmaking, and financial gain.

This next year (2013), aside from the classic resolutions such as weight loss and personal success in various areas, I resolve to write more.  Quite a lot more.  Looking back on the past decade, I have noticed a disturbing trend; with all the things I experienced in life, very little, if any of it was documented.  Writing has always been my passion, but I always made so many excuses in my life (especially during difficult and/or hard times) to put my writing aside so that the memories would go away undocumented.  Today all that remains of the past decade (prior to November 2008) are a few handful of photographs, the vast majority of which I seriously need to preserve digitally.

My self-improvement plans, or at the very least, the ones I am comfortable sharing publicly are focused around documentation, and overall productivity.  From this point forward, I plan to keep my writing notebook and digital camera with me at all times, whenever possible.  All too often it seems that I let too many of life’s little details just pass me by, and while I take a good, long, and hard look at most things (typical of most introverts like me), what I’m not doing enough of is documenting my life and observations, partially due to the fact that I’m always distracted by a myriad of other things that I want to ponder about.

The solution?  Post a new addition to my blog every single day at exactly 9:00 AM, in my local time zone, without fail.

2013 is also the year that I will finally get organized.  This includes the digitization of all the media I wish to preserve for all time.  This is something I have been working on for some time, though sporadically.

Starting on January 1st, 2013 (tomorrow), I will add posts to my blog based on a daily schedule.  Mondays and Thursdays will be writing posts.  On Tuesdays and Fridays, I will be posting original photographs or photography galleries.  Wednesdays will always feature a free WordPress theme download.  Writing prompts will be Sundays feature, and Saturdays will be a segment entitled Best Of Blogs.

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