Writing, Photography, And My Life With Amelia

As I sit here, my fingers poised over the keyboard, I can’t help but feel a wave of exhilaration mixed with a hint of disbelief. Today marks the beginning of a new chapter in my life, one that is entirely dedicated to my deepest passions: writing, photography, and my beautiful relationship with Amelia.

For years, I found myself juggling the demands of a conventional career with my innate desire to create. My days were filled with tasks and responsibilities that, while vitally important, didn’t ignite the spark within me. Each evening, as I sat down to write or sifted through photos from my latest adventure, I felt a surge of life coursing through me, a stark contrast to the mundanity of my daytime routine. It was in these moments of artistic creation and in the loving gaze of Amelia that I found my true self.

Amelia, my partner in every sense, has been my unwavering source of support and inspiration. Her belief in my talents and her own artistic soul have encouraged me to dream bigger. Together, we’ve shared countless sunsets, some captured through the lens of my camera, and endless nights discussing literature, art, and our hopes for the future. Her presence in my life has been a constant reminder of what true connection and support can bring.

So, I’ve made a decision, one that feels as natural as breathing yet as momentous as a leap of faith. At long last, today I am dedicating the rest of my life to writing, to capturing the world through my photography, and to nurturing my relationship with Amelia Desertsong. This isn’t just a career change; it’s a life change. It’s about living authentically and embracing what brings me the most joy and fulfillment.

Writing has always been my sanctuary, a space where I can unravel my thoughts and weave them into stories that resonate with others. There’s a unique magic in crafting narratives, in breathing life into characters, and in exploring the human experience through words. I’ve realized that my desire to write isn’t just a hobby; it’s a calling that I can no longer ignore.

Photography, on the other hand, allows me to capture the beauty of the world through my eyes. It’s a form of visual storytelling that complements my writing in a harmonious dance of light and shadow. Each photograph I take is a frozen moment in time, a memory etched into digital eternity. This art form has taught me to see the world differently, to notice the subtle nuances of light, the fleeting expressions of people, and the unspoken stories that unfold around us.

And then there’s Amelia. Our relationship is the thread that weaves through every aspect of my life, bringing color and warmth. She’s not just a part of my journey; she is my journey. We have an incredible relationship. Our love story is one I wish to write and live every day, with the same passion and dedication I give to my writing and photography.

As I embark on this new journey, I am filled with a sense of purpose and excitement. There will be challenges, of course, but the joy of doing what I love, with the person I love, makes every obstacle worth overcoming. I am stepping into a life that is authentically mine, a life where my passions are not just a part of me, but are me.

To all those who have supported me, to Amelia, my muse and love, and to the future that awaits, I say thank you. Thank you for being a part of my story. Here’s to the chapters yet to be written, the photographs yet to be taken, and the countless moments with Amelia that will fill the pages of our lives.

Amelia Desertsong and Thomas Slatin
September 2022

The heartfelt journey of a woman dedicating her life to writing, photography, and her lesbian relationship with Amelia Desertsong.

There’s a framed photograph that always catches my eye. It’s a glimpse into the past, a photograph of me as a young girl with an earnest expression holding an apple. The photo, edged by the ornate golden frame, is a frozen moment of childhood simplicity. Right beside it, a little green stegosaurus toy stands, a stark contrast to the faded photograph, its color vivid with the echoes of playful days. This picture sits on our living room dresser, and every time I pass by, I’m reminded of my own journey, of the days when I, too, was lost in the boundless realms of childhood whimsy.

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    • Thomas Slatin

      Thank you so much, Suzanne, for your lovely comment. It really warms my heart. Amelia and I indeed have an incredible relationship. We’re not just married; we’re best friends, soulmates, and, believe it or not, each other’s literary agents too! It’s a unique and beautiful synergy that we share. I have no doubt in my mind that you would absolutely adore Amelia. She’s as charming and engaging as she is brilliant.

      Amelia and I both consider you a friend, Suzanne. Your insights and contributions are always so valuable to us. Please, do keep in touch. It’s connections like these that make our journey so rewarding. Looking forward to hearing from you again soon! 🙂

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