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You Can Leave It All Behind But You Can’t Go Back

You Can Leave It All Behind But You Can't Go Back

December 2019

16 responses to “You Can Leave It All Behind But You Can’t Go Back”

  1. All I can see in the photo are memories of a happy family that lives there before. I hope eveything is well and memories are very precious.

  2. If it is something intangible then perhaps but if it is a physical spot like this one, I think it is easy. Particularly if you are familiar with the area. Where is this by the way?

  3. Imagine how this mansion will look like when occupied. Requires little touches to set running again though dont know the extent of damage of the inside

  4. Why on rather should someone leave such a mansion behind. Its am eye scrapper. Nice shoot you got Tom.

  5. This is very true for people who are having a hard time getting on, and moving forward with their lives. While it is a good thing, sometimes moving forward means that things wouldn’t stay the same as they used to be. This house is an example, it could be repaired and renovated, but it wouldn’t be the same house ever again. Memories of the old house will forever be left behind.

  6. It is a symbolism concerning our lives, we may heal wounds that have caused us and forgive us, but these defeats will make us stronger and more mature or leave us making the same mistakes if we do not learn. This house needs to be repaired because it has a very beautiful architectural model.

  7. If there is something in your past that makes you unhappy about your present life, it has no power to determine your future, unless we let it. The past cannot be changed, but it is always possible to learn from it.

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