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You Have Always Been My Wild Flower

June 2018

11 responses to “You Have Always Been My Wild Flower”

  1. Really beautiful and unique. This flower has a very calming effect and a deep purple that locks you into its enchantment.

  2. This flower has a distinguished outlook. I love the lilacs as a color for its coolness. Thanks for this shot Tom, you have always been my wild flower.

  3. I can just feel the breeze from this picture gently blowing. It’s really such a wonderful feeling seeing flowers blooming like these ones peacefully on a roadside or a meadow somewhere. It makes my heart feel at ease.

  4. These wild flowers are beautiful. I love how you edited this photo. The purple and yellow flowers are just a sight to see.

  5. Why do I feel that this has a lonely aura to it? It’s like you feel that this is the only thing in the entire world that matters. Anyways, I love the shot! Really creative.

  6. I always tell this to my girl ha ha. Seriously though I think I am not alone in thinking that this is a metaphor for women? They are the wild flower behind any man I guess.

  7. This photo is lovely maybe because of the purple colored flowers.I just love flowers that have rare combination of colors

  8. Of the whole flowers in the garden, you stand out. It implies, you are my wild flower. Nice shot and caption

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