A Brand New Sky To Hang The Stars Upon Tonight

April 2020

29 thoughts on “A Brand New Sky To Hang The Stars Upon Tonight

  1. The patience of stillness is very clear and wide. A good thing to study Thomas. The camera is a good tool for doing that. Like a reflection of consciousness, heightening awareness.

  2. this is a very nice shot. good job capturing the exposure of the moon without compromising the landscape.

  3. Radiating sky for the stars. I feel like staring at this the whole, this is simply breatth-aking

  4. Clearness of the sky gives us hope for a better tomorrow especially in this times. Earth is taking a breather now. Stay safe always.

  5. During this lockdown, it has always been a brandnew sky. Less airpollutions and we can clearly see the stars at night.

  6. Just seeing this, I feel the calmness in my veins. Thos is just beautiful, really wish I experience this real life.

  7. So colourful, I love what I am seeing. The sky truly is blue. This is so great, thanks for sharing this great piece

  8. Great caption. It really gives the pic a sense of beginning kind of like a tapestry unfolding. Really colorful clear sky.

  9. Well this is dawn already so no stars ha ha. However, it can still mean a new day. To start over, to look forward to something, or just be better. Good shot by the way.

  10. Wow, what a magnificent shot. The sky is so clear, the perfect time to just gaze and stare in the sky.

  11. This picture would make the perfect wallpaper for my laptop. I just love how peaceful and calm it looks.

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