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A Light From Above (Edit)

A Light From Above (Edit)

November 2011

17 responses to “A Light From Above (Edit)”

  1. It seems that you’re enjoying your morning stroll or afternoon walk there. Just don’t follow the light Tom. Keep safe.

  2. Something unusual that has caught the attention of this man, may be an icandecent light from an unidentified object.

  3. Truly it is a light from above, when walking in a dark forest and it is illuminated by light making everywhere bright, it can only be from above.

  4. Really it is a light from above, when strolling in a dim woodland and it is lit up by light making wherever brilliant, it must be from above.

  5. Standing under the shed and viewing from a distance. Truly light from above. Lovely picture and I know you feel great in front of the camera

  6. It is one of the most important things we are gifted. It is very marvelous and full of benefits.

  7. Good one there Tom. A light from above shows the sign of light in the world. The shoot is pretty cool man.

  8. Nice that you included yourself in this shot! Your expression definitely adds to the divine feel.

  9. This is something that we all hope to see at the end of this crisis as things are pretty grim now. I never thought that a simple trivial walk outside can be missed now that we are all at home and cannot get out.

  10. Those rays of light symbolize hope especially when you are in a hopeless situation. There are times I enjoy to just sit and meditate on them.

  11. This is a perfect place to sit back and meditate. It will definitely give you the tranquility you need to connect with your maker and your spirit.

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