I Hold A Force I Can’t Contain

A Light From Above (Edit)

All my life, I have been indecisive, taking excessive consideration with each and every decision, no matter the breadth.  And yet, long after the conclusion, I seem to allow my mind to become commandeered with thoughts of alternative scenarios and outcomes, if only I had chosen differently.

An excerpt from my writing notebook stated…

I haven’t written in my notebook in over a month, until today in the mid-afternoon.  I suddenly had an overwhelming urge to write down the thoughts that have been circling my mind for quite awhile, but were never written down.

Call it what you will, I realize now, more than ever before in my life that I hold a force I can’t contain.

Try as I may, it seems as if I can never stop or slow down the constant observations and introspection, of which I seem to form associations between those often insignificant observations of daily life, internal emotions and/or thoughts, and memories of the past.  Some might claim that this is representative of a successful writer, an artist, or a lunatic.

The header image was from A Light From Above (Edit), which was taken in 2011.  This article was inspired, in part, by an excerpt from my writing notebook, dated July 13, 2015; book 2, page 145.

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