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A Midwinter Night’s Dream


February 2016

22 responses to “A Midwinter Night’s Dream”

  1. I know dreams are rumored to mean something but in this case I think everything will be okay. If I dream something like this I will smile. It is gonna be a good day after all.

  2. What a beautiful photograph, it would look very nice in an oil painting, I love the shadows of the pines.

  3. For me, this is such a masterpiece. The colors are vivid and are very pleasing to the eyes.

  4. The tree silhouettes in the foreground make for a beautiful sight. I could look at the photo all day!

  5. Like I have said before, your landscape photos are the absolute best. This is just one of the many.

  6. The sky looks surprisingly clear for a winter season. This was a good winter it seems.

  7. For a moment i thought this was a pull-out from a nature magazine. The professionalism is outstanding.

  8. Breathtaking. Your photos are getting better and better. I even told some of my friends of your site. Thank you so much for sharing your passion to us!

  9. The title is perfect for this picture, I love how the sky looks, and the trees like shadows.

  10. The day is bright and cleared for the night to showcase its own glory. I love this picture for wall paper.

  11. Everyone praises the beauty in the photo here. But I only see silence and loneliness in this photo with darkness covered by a tree on the right side.

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