• Brenda

    Wow, that shade of green is spectacular. I love the way you have captured both the trees and the sky as the main focus. Great photo.

  • brainedet

    This is just great to view, the green graass and the deep blue see. This is why I will continue to like nature.

  • ekimbadger

    Loving the contrast between the shade, grass, hill side and sky. I would sure love to take a run in that field.

  • Maury Cheskes

    Looks like a million miles of bliss. I love the depth of the clouds and the landscape in this pic. Looking forward to the next great batch.

  • Rae

    This picture is just pleasing to the eye. It looks like the Windows default display image a bit. It has a unique charm to it. Thank you for sharing!

  • roberachi

    Tom i must commend you on how creative you are. I just like how your statements tend to describe the pictures in just very few words – like this a million miles can been seen through the fields – i think its just an art you have. I love it.

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