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Abandoned Furniture


19 responses to “Abandoned Furniture”

  1. This furniture is obviously old and ruined. Amazingly, the picture speaks how it was meaningful long ago when it was still useful.

  2. Your caption says it all, that really looks abandoned. But you captured it well and gave it a nice shot.

  3. The abandoned furniture looks a lot like the old black and white television we used to watch back in the day..great shot

  4. I can still remember this nature of table then. Well I think it due for abandonment since people have moved to finer designs.

  5. By the look of the floor and the walls, this house must have been abandoned long time ago. Its interesting nothing is damaged.

  6. It looks like one of those earlier types where a TV has a case. We use to have one at home.

  7. Such scenes as this are rare to come across. You are a great photographer who spots what others may not even notice.

  8. This could be an abandoned piece, but the photography has made it look gorgeous. However, it could be renovated or polished to look new, especially if it is a wooden one.

  9. This type of furniture dates back in the ’70s and ’80s. Thats when we had oval screens. Although you can re-modify to a modern shape.

  10. This could very well be a wonderful still life in an art exhibit. The beautiful play of light and shadow just really mesmerized me.

  11. This piece of furniture must have been really beautiful in its earlier days. It still looks beautiful.

  12. Beats me why someone would abandon such beautiful furniture. It’s the hoarder in me I guess.

  13. With a little painting and vanishing this can be good as new. It would make for a good addition to a modern living room.

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