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Abandoned Grand Union

Abandoned Grand Union

October 2019

16 responses to “Abandoned Grand Union”

  1. Abandoned sites are much this days, maybe because we now love the structures of newly built houses. Little do we know that old buildings keeps memories that cant be purchased. Wonderful output Tom

  2. For an abandoned building, it sure looks like it has been maintained pretty well. The stark composition unsettles me somehow, for some reason.

  3. What could caused the abandonment of such a great building. I hope it wasn’t bankruptcy because it looks like where money used to exchanged hands.

  4. This picrure makes me think of a company raised on the 60’s. It’s a shame that this places are abandoned .

  5. The mood and clouds of this photo are great. Great black and white mantra. Thanks for sharing.

  6. I always see this type of infrastracture in my favorite zombie series, TWD. I remembered how they use it as a safe place.

  7. I wonder why such a beautiful building is abandoned. The cloud view from above adds more beauty to this picture. Thanks for sharing this picture.

  8. The location has the potential to be stunning. It is just being held down by the lack of hue? In my opinion at least. Take for example that hill on the background. Which is better dark and gloomy or green and full of life?

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