Abandoned Mill - Central Bridge NY (Edit)

January 2015

Abandoned Mill

23 thoughts on “Abandoned Mill (Edit)

  1. Quite a few jobs must have been lost when the mill shut down. Such is the sad state of the economy.

  2. What could have made this mill abandoned? Still looks so cool and fit. Maybe the pandemic caused this temporary close up. Lovely picture

  3. The effect used doesn’t even make it obvious that the mill is abandoned. Lovely angle, a perfect picture. I love the output

  4. Do you travel a lot or does this picture and the other creepy, abandoned buildings are located in the same state or city? This place is ideal for creepy and horror movies.

  5. If the gray hue made it old the violet ish background made the photo eerie??? As if it is saying something bad will happen if one goes in. It creeps me out but that is the point right?

  6. I love this shot! It gives me an eerie feeling. The effects and the vintage style is just perfect. Can be a thumbnail for a documentary. Nice.

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