• meldred24

    Truly that a dog is man’s best friend. Sadly, sometimes, it’s actually better than a human. Dog’s loyalty can’t be altered and will. not faltered but man’s does.

  • Obalade Damilola

    Its a known fact that a dog is man”s best friend..Nice picture..It shows a strong bond between that young girl and the puppy

  • brainedet

    Little cute girl with her equally cute puppy. The love children have for pets. I used to like my pets alot then.

  • Miaka Yuuki

    This is why a dog is called as mans best friend. Personally, I do not like pets but if it can help a kid smile like this, I do not mind having one.

  • Danielle M

    Awww this picture is very cute, Iwish i have had a dog whe I was a child, they look good toguetter like best buddies.

  • David Mureithi

    This picture reminds me of dogs in my grandpa home upcountry. I really miss my childhood hunting memories with my “real” big dogs.

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