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Chemical City

Chemical City

June 2019

14 responses to “Chemical City”

  1. This looks like some storage space for a gas station. I hope they don’t present a hazard.

  2. It’s a good thing that some wood racks have been placed underneath the containers. Chemicals being in direct contact with the floor can be dangerous.

  3. I love this photography. This room looks perfect for storing chemicals since its not a place where people sleep and play. Thanks for this perfect caption.

  4. Talking about the caption “Chemical city”, that’s captivity. That’s a nice shot and the corner is packed full of some containers with wooden rack at the base.

  5. Chemical dome, this one look a bit neat. You took a good shot of this place for our viewing pleasure.

  6. I will not wonder how toxic the place is. I just hope that mankind will start saving the earth instead of destroying her with chemicals.

  7. Pretty “toxic” environment. I hope you kept your distance in case there was a leakage.

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