October 2018

13 thoughts on “Compunctious

  1. What a regretful way to leave a luxury. Nice shot but what do you thing will happen to all this abandoned places???

  2. What does it mean? Anyway It looks very old but at least the door can be salvage? It still looks good to me.

  3. I wonder why people are found of abandoning houses, when there are people out there whom are homeless. Nice photographs Tom.

  4. I quite like the color contrast in this picture. The yellow from the scrapped wallpaper and the white from the sink.

  5. Real grungy feeling to this photo. Looks like someone set the place on fire. Thanks for the provocative pic.

  6. Well, for me when I’ve seen this picture… Looks like this place isn’t too bad. But I do not know what about the insides, still have to go through to check it. 🙂 lol

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