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Covered Bridge Blues


20 responses to “Covered Bridge Blues”

  1. This picture feels very warm, yet has a subtle nostalgic feel to it. Like how one might feel at the end of such a very wonderful day that you just know would never come again.

  2. A simple photo of a bridge that shows picturesque wooden view. I just don’t get it why Covered Bridge Blues, or does it mean abridge covered with sadness?

  3. How you were able to take that photo during sunny hours and the photo didn’t get blurred is amazing. It looks out of this world.

  4. Is looks a wooden bridge but in a fashionable way. I like the top though it really look sharp and nice. Lovely shot.

  5. It’s such a strong bridge based on the type of wood that’s used to build it. I used to be scared of wooden bridges as I thought they would fall as I cross.

  6. Its a nice photo…really simple…I think the photo would have been better if some colours are added…

  7. Black and white photos reminds me of old memories. Just like this bridge, may holds a lot of beautiful old memories too.

  8. This old bridge has reminded me of our former bridge that was made just like this and it really used to get me scared when trying to cross it.

  9. The sunlight gives aesthetic to the photo. I like this kind of photo collections. You really are superb.

  10. The black and white effect makes this photo quite unique. You have a good eye for photography 🙂

  11. This picture brings a warm and calm feeling when I see it. I could look at it all day.

  12. This is a wooden bridge but it is built so sturdy and strong. This is good craftsmanship at work.

  13. THe simplicity of this photo is what makes its so beautiful. Sometimes the best kind of art is the one that looks simple!

  14. Looks like a divine bridge. I like the design craftsmanship and the light’s effect on the photo.

  15. These looks like a good painting shot. If I could change one thing It will be cooler if this was colored.

  16. I’m glad that yu took this picture in black and white. The bridge looks romantic and old

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