• maria

    The society needs to change a great deal about corruption. I think there should be law aganist it and defaulters arrested

  • Wilson Jake

    Government in todays world is scam, we should wake up from corrupt leaders. Vote in our leaders that will serve us not dictate.

  • Meldred Judith

    Society should raise awareness not just in Covid-19 but other issues lying underneath it. Mental issues in this time is very alarming, how this pandemic affects our mental health is not good.

  • Prince

    Employees should take care of there workers, alot of employees aren’t mentally okay because of their work and they dont have choice. That should be care for seriously

  • szaza.albeneth

    The impact of covid-19 is huge in people’s mental health. I could say that each of us should stay strong upon battling this pandemic because I believe that this will go and vanish in time.

  • Ben

    I’m sometimes so disappointed with the happenings around me. I wish the world can be a lot better than this. No attacks by anyone

  • Alex

    I guess climate change is a thing????We have been talking about it for years and no solution in sight. Our hands are capable of destruction but we can also solve this. Tricky stuff but it is a must.

  • esgyll

    Oh boy, there are a lot of issues. But one in particular is turning everything into something that is political. It’s happening right now in my country, and it’s quite frustrating. But as blind fanaticism does with extreme belief systems, this is something that is quite difficult to cure. It really should be hammered that not everything is a political this or that, sometimes it’s just normal and/or not so normal circumstances that affect our daily lives. Common sense is forgotten just because it’s interfering with their overall hatred of the person in power.

  • AMAN

    Society in mine case is such that some people in the community of someone’s success. And, when someone ask if about their relatives who have not done well, they always scream on them. This is the big problem here, people don’t want to appreciate people who did well.

  • Glad

    One issue in my society now is the freedom of speech. You can’t freely say anything about bad governance or a wrong in the society without being seen as a person who is against the government, in such cases some people are even detained. This should be corrected as everyone has freedom of speech and should be free to air their minds and how they feel about certain situations.

  • David Mureithi

    The society is corrupt with morals. I would suggest a teaching of kids in a good manner for a morally upright generation.

  • Maury Cheskes

    I find people tend to pick sides when it comes to politics or war conflicts and constantly undermine the opposing side. In many instances we should hold both sides accountable for their triumphs and their misdeeds. It’s never black and white, where one party deserves to be slammed and ridiculed for every action they take.

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