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130 Journal Writing Prompts!

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  • Louise Ducote

    Wonderful, evocative prompts! Thank you for taking time to put this together. I first heard of your prompts through yeah write’s summer series. With twenty or thirty bloggers writing from the same prompt each week on a moderated grid, I expected to see a homogeneity to the posts — but it was just the opposite. The prompts served as a launching place for some of the best writing I’ve seen from that grid. Then along comes NaBloPoMo and I remembered your list. I used #103 earlier this week and I’m sure I’ll use more before the month ends. Thank you!

    • Thomas

      You’re so very welcome! A first-time writer will focus on the monetary benefit of having their writing appreciated. An experienced writer like myself appreciates personal reactions far more than monetary gain.

  • lisapellegrene

    3 favorites on this list! 1) favorite childhood memory, 2) if you could invent something that you need what would it be and 3) the most amazing memory (paraphrasing), one of my most amazing memories was seeing a herd of bison run freely at sunset in Utah. Beyond words beautiful. This is a great list of writing prompts for people!!!

  • Lisa Pellegrene

    #29, My first job, trying to think of what was actually the very first one. Very first, my lemonade stand with my little brother, I was quite the entrepreneur even then! Wanting to have multiple products for a bigger margin and more joy to those purchasing lemonade, I made cookies!!!After this a clothing store called Foxmoor (we are going way back, I think I was 17), then selling spring break trips to Daytona which I enjoyed, I was 18 hung the signs around campus, “Daytona for x amt of dollars”, when the students called I signed them up, processed payments and then when I saw all of the students on a bus to Daytona I felt a sense of accomplishment …making spring break kids dreams come true to enjoy the beach 🙂 I remember vividly designing my signs and hanging them around campus. I thought this is quite fun.

    I love this post of yours Thomas. It prompts thoughts and memories that few think of each day, if at all! That’s a good list!

  • MarlaPaige

    You’re trying to torment me! I feel the need to write ALL of these! I just was saying that I wasn’t writing because I had any ideas, I was just writing because I really felt like it. Now….I have to write for the next ten years. Thanks…

    Why do you give me such a challenge? You know I can’t say no!

  • tugster

    Thomas – I appreciate these prompts, but I use a different starting point: photos. Since I take photos primarily of workboats, a photo or a set of them works as inspiration. In fact, as I shoot photos, the text begins to take shape in my head. As I said at the outset, your list is great, and some people might have a different sort of starting point.

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