Echoes Of A Lost Love

As I stood by the window, my heart swelled with a deep longing. I wanted to see you walking backwards, as if time itself could be rewound and that familiar sensation of you coming home could be recreated. I ached for those days when your arrival filled our shared space with laughter and love. A time when our hearts danced in perfect harmony, and my world seemed to make sense.

I imagined the scene: You, gracefully stepping down the pathway, your strides in reverse, as if the universe understood my yearning and was pulling you back into my life. The wind would tease your hair, playfully lifting the strands and allowing them to fall in a beautiful disarray that was so uniquely you. Your eyes would meet mine, sparkling with the same warmth and tenderness I’d always known.

In this daydream, I could see your lips curve into that familiar, crooked smile that made my heart skip a beat. My pulse quickened at the thought of your footsteps echoing softly on the floor, a gentle reminder that you were near. The scent of your perfume would linger in the air, a reminder of your presence that seemed to wrap itself around me like a comforting embrace.

As you moved closer, I could feel the warmth of your hand reaching out to mine, the electricity of our connection igniting the air around us. My fingers would trace the lines of your palm, a map of our shared history and a testament to our love. Our eyes would lock, communicating everything that words could never fully express.

But as the vision faded, I was left standing alone by the window, the cold glass against my forehead a stark contrast to the warmth of my imagined reunion. A single tear slid down my cheek, a silent acknowledgment of the truth: time could not be reversed, and those days were gone. Yet I clung to the memory, desperate to hold onto the sensation of you coming home, even if only in my dreams.

For now, the fantasy would have to suffice, a bittersweet reminder of a love that once was. And as I watched the world outside, I took solace in the hope that one day, I might see you walking towards me again, ready to begin a new chapter in our story.

May 3, 2023

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