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Fall Down




May 2014

25 responses to “Fall Down”

  1. Too bad this house has a bad facade, surely when they built it they did not take into account the construction levels, or probably, the material used is not of good quality.

  2. Yes the caption is really right this house needs renovation it may faldown very soon. This house cans till be used after the renovation. I love the edges and the style tho.

  3. This abandoned building will hold lots of memories that cant be quantified. Lovely effect, real work needs be done before it falls.

  4. Looks like the house is obscured. its like im inside alice in wonderland where everything is out of its normal shape and size. good shot though and a very interesting subject.

  5. The caption is clear for the photo. If this house isn’t remodeled it might just drop any moment. It needs to be taken care of.

  6. Wow, colourful, beautiful shoot. Looks like the trees will soon take over the building is not stopped.

  7. One of those crazy houses huh??? What does it look like on the inside though? I wish I can see it. Mysterious yet very tricky shot. I would say.

  8. The house is almost falling already. I advise a renovation before the fall down occurs.

  9. If no quick measures are taken, the house will definitely fall down. I hope it does not reach there.

  10. The house seems old and brittle. Renovation is really needed if they want to save this.

  11. I love the colouring in this shot! Did it actually look like that or was there editing involved? Very cool property even if it is a little disheveled and beautiful natural landscape.

  12. I can’t figure out whether the house is made of bricks or wood. It looks very unstable though.

  13. This was a beautiful storey house before the damage. Beats me what could have damaged it so badly.

  14. I love how you captured the house from every angle. That was very comprehensive and thorough.

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