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Fallen Pines

June 2013

23 responses to “Fallen Pines”

  1. This is very unfortunate considering how beautiful these are. Why did they fell down? Forrest fire? Logging? In any case I hope there is a good reason for it.

  2. I always remember the series that I love to watch. Old medieval times. War series. Great capture, Tom.

  3. We should take more care of our forest, lot of beautiful animals are gone just because of our care free attitude. I hope those fallen pines can be attended to

  4. These pines reminds me of the ones in my little garden. They can be very green and looks very natural.

  5. This pines aren’t fallen by man, maybe rain or wind. We should keep protecting our forest from disaster

  6. This photo of a fallen pine tree looks interesting. I don’t know how it fell, but it may be able to serve as shelter for some animals out there.

  7. I wonder if its possible for this tree to cut off without human doing that. Well you are a researcher and I professional photographer. I love your photography work.

  8. Fallen pines I really wondered what made them fall. I like pines because of how they were designed by nature

  9. It may be due to the force of nature for which this pine is on the ground, but let’s not be blind in this, not everything is the fault of nature, I think that in reality there is the destructive hand of man.

  10. The pine tree ought to be replaced with a new one. A small part of me dies whenever I see a fallen tree.

  11. Awesome that you captured two shots; one with the sun gleam. I think a nighttime snapshot of this setting could add even more depth.

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