Falling In Love (For All The Wrong Reasons)

For whatever reason, people I have lost touch with 10+ years ago have decided after all these years to get back in contact with me.  Truth be told, I created my website as a means of staying in contact with people I know and as a means to deliver updates as to what I’m undertaking at the moment.

These few people I once called friends at one time in my life; fast forward 10 years and they’re all working high-profile, high-paying jobs and married to extremely wealthy and successful spouses.  They’ll tell you that they’re happy but if you look at a few recent photos, you can see just how miserable and stressed-out they are.

They have all aged far beyond their years and married not for love, but instead for financial gain.  After awhile a few of my old friends have confessed, in confidence, their desire to move on because as they see it, they have never felt so unhappy their entire lives.

I don’t do anything simply because of money.  I won’t work a job I can’t stand, or do something I don’t feel comfortable doing, and I certainly won’t marry someone I’m not in love with just because they have a little money.  I follow my heart, not my wallet.

Money is something that has helped me acquire almost all of my worldly possessions, but it’s not money or property that keeps me and Amelia together; our relationship is based upon love and trust.  When it comes to human relationships, or any of own human experiences for that matter, nothing is truly perfect. But, Amelia and I’s relationship is as close to perfect as you can get.

Wiccans strive to form bonds based upon perfect love and perfect trust, and although it’s pretty much a total impossibility, it’s definitely something worth trying for.  Amelia also believes in perfect love and perfect trust, even as she herself reminds me that falling just short of this idealism is simply reality.

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