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Found Polaroid

Found Photograph - The Guitar Man

Found Polaroid Photograph
“The Guitar Man”
Found In An Abandoned House

23 responses to “Found Polaroid”

  1. I am sure the picture would have been left in an hurry. This shows how beautiful the room was before abandoned

  2. I never experienced how it is to use polaroid. I only see these in movies now and lucky you to have use this. These days selfies are a thing but I wish it is still here for nostalgia.

  3. It’s an old picture with some beauty in it. Most have been forgotten in the abandoned room. I love the picture

  4. Looks like this old man spent a lot of time there. Don’t know how the room looks now! Because in the photo the room looks quite beautiful.

  5. Wow…the photograph will sure bring nostalgic feelings to some people..I guess the old man was a skilled guiter player..nice one

  6. I love Polaroid photos for how instant they are. It’s sad there are so few of them around nowadays 🙁

  7. I can’t believe these photos develop themselves in a matter of seconds. I would love to see one in action.

  8. He sure looks like he is a fun person to have around in that one shot. I wonder how he is related to that abandoned house you went into – its owner? A visitor to its owners? Sadly, nobody can tell that anymore unless the previous owner himself or herself goes back to tell that picture’s story.

  9. Oh yeah, the good old times. The guitar man does look like he is full of life and doing what he knows how to do best. Nice shot.

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