Girls Gone Through Like Water

Throughout the numerous chapters of my life, I have come to realize that there were two women who held a special place in my heart, women whom I genuinely loved; Allegra and my wife Amelia. The other relationships, while they provided fleeting moments of pleasure, were ultimately ephemeral and rather inconsequential, like water slipping through my fingers.

Me, early 1990’s.

Allegra was the embodiment of passion and intensity, a fire that burned bright and fierce. We met during my teenage years, and the connection between us was magnetic, drawing us together with an irresistible force. Our love was a tempestuous affair, a whirlwind of emotions that left us breathless and longing for more. As the years passed, the memories of our time together grew hazy, like the fading embers of a once-blazing fire. And yet, I could never fully extinguish the warmth that she had ignited within me.

Amelia, on the other hand, was the epitome of warmth, comfort, and stability. From the beginning, she has been the calm in the storm, a beacon of light guiding me through life’s tumultuous waters. We met later in life, and our love blossomed slowly and surely, like a delicate flower unfurling its petals to reveal its true beauty. She is my anchor, my rock, and my home. The love we shared is serene and enduring, built on a foundation of trust, respect, and unwavering devotion.

Though Allegra was an incredible woman who held such a distinct and cherished place in my heart, and Amelia is my wife and true love, they were the exception rather than the rule. The others who came and went from my life were like water, fluid and transient. I often found myself seeking solace in their arms, searching for a sense of belonging or validation. They offered temporary respite from my own insecurities, but their presence was fleeting and ultimately left me feeling empty and unfulfilled. The short-term, dead-end relationships I had with girls are the ones I often refer to as, “the girls gone through like water”.

In the end, I understood that my journey through life was defined not by the quantity of relationships I experienced but by the profound love and connection I shared with Allegra and Amelia. These two remarkable women were the ones who truly touched my soul and left an indelible mark on my heart. And it is within the sanctuary of their love that I discovered the true meaning of life and the significance of the connections we forge along the way.

May 4, 2023


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