I Used To Be A Habitual Tresspasser

Abingdon Ceramics Factory
Abingdon Ceramics Factory by Craigfinlay on Flickr

When I was younger, life seemed so easy. Writing seemed easier; I was young, naive, restless, and wild. Uninhibited, never self-conscious, filled with thoughts, ideas, and seemingly endless inspiration. I felt comfortable documenting every thought, emotion, and experience, completely unfiltered and uncensored. All my random, empty thoughts, subtleties, and obscure observations, often conveyed in riddles or rhymes.

When I was younger, no older than 16 years of age, I would seek out my own adventures. I foolishly left my camera behind out of fear that someone might find the pictures. Instead, I brought along only a days worth of food, and my writing notebook.

I was a habitual trespasser; wandering into places most people rarely think about, and never visit. I found these places inspiring, often surreal. To think that I was all alone in a strange place I had never been before. All alone, in a place that had been abandoned, forgotten, or neglected.

I never told anyone where I was going, not even my parents; I would only promise to be safe and return home at a specific time.  Looking back, it seems some things never change.

The header image was taken at Abingdon Ceramics Factory by Craigfinlay.  It was originally posted on Flickr, and is being used under a Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 Generic License.

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  • Tracey Tobin

    I was the same way as kid. I loved to just wander, whether it be through town or through the woods. I really loved going to the barracks…all along the shoreline where I grew up there were abandoned army outposts, where they’d aim canons out to sea. There’s one that must have been like a hidey hole, because it’s two stories underground with no windows, just small ducts for air. You’d have to take a flashlight down there and it always felt so creepy and surreal, I loved it. ^_^

    • Thomas

      Tracey, at first, I was uneasy about posting this. I’m very OCD when it comes to my work, and nothing I write is every really good enough for me. But it seems that this is going to be one of my more popular posts.

      I’m glad I’m not alone; it is nice to know that there are others who spent a good part of their childhoods habitually wandering and exploring.

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